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:: Monday, June 23, 2003 ::

Intrusions of Greek Mythology

This little 5-foot tall women was standing there, with flaming curly red hair and a faint New York accent, starting off class with a story.

"I was into a lot of sex, drugs and rock & roll in the '70's.... Then in the early '80's, I looked at my life to see what was missing. Sitting in a park one day, it hit me: I needed to learn the ancient classical languages!
You have just heard the short version of how I cam to be a university professor of Classics and Greek mythology."

After spending two hours this morning with this women, I think I can safely say, at the very least, this will be an interesting class!

Sadly, a 4-week intensive course in Greek mythology will leave me little time to devout to blogging issues. Never fear, I am not taking a sabbatical! But I will warn you ahead of time that the quality and quantity may likely suffer for a few weeks, as I bury myself into The Iliad, The Odyssey, and a variety of other fascinating texts.

In the works are a few posts: a two part series on "how not to try and convert the Orthodox" as well as some ruminations and links about "the new heresy of our times." Hopefully I will be able to post 3-4 times a week, but I'm not making any solid promises at this point. The sheer volume of reading staring me in the face right now makes me wonder if I will even sleep this month!

Your prayers are highly coveted, as always.

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