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:: Friday, May 09, 2003 ::

Who are You Calling a Minority?

I have the luxury of not being exposed on a daily basis to the rampant political correctness that goes on at the University I attend. This is due in part because I only take one class a quarter and am a commuter student. Thus, the time I spend there is typically short and sweet.

A trickle of the insanity that takes place within the bowels of student government finally crept onto my radar. If it wasn't such a sign of the PC epidemic that has trashed higher learning in this country it might make one laugh.
As I walked into my Latin class this morning, five male students were chatting about the new "Resource Center" being put up on campus. One student was sharing his recent encounter with the administration in regards to this. He was saying,

", I asked the woman in charge why the new center was being called 'The Women's Resource Center' even though it will be used by all of the students, respective of their sex."
Her response was, "Well, the Center will be located in the Women's Studies building and besides, we want to make it clear that we provide services to our minority students."

What is so ironic about that last comment is that females comprise about 58% of the student body!
Sometimes I wonder when the Administration will set up a "White, Heterosexual, Conservative, Christian, Male Resource Center." Trust me, we are the last true "minority" left on most college campuses in America!
(Maybe I should post this story HERE).

In other school related news, I will be finishing up second year Latin this quarter and will be moving on to other degree requirements this summer and fall (Causa celebrationis!)

This summer I will be taking a UD Philosophy class on the history of ancient philosophy. Like most Philosophy departments, PSU's spends much of their energy on analytic philosophy, which IMHO is a travesty. It will be interesting to see what they do to Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Empedocles, Epicurus, and the gang. I am hoping, since the class is a focused study on the ancients, it will be enjoyable.

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