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:: Thursday, May 29, 2003 ::

An Answer to the Analogy Question

On May 20th, I asked how helpful analogies were in discussing theolgoical issues.
I got one very amusing answer when Dr. Bacchus wrote the following in reply to a comment I made at Kevin (Basil)'s blog:

"[An] analogy is when you compare something simple to something complex and unrelated. This serves three purposes. The person who really understood what you were talking about will be baffled. The clueless neen who had no idea what you were on about will be lulled into a false sense that they understand. And the annoying idiot who was only pretending to understand will stop asking all those stupid questions....Analogies invariably confuse me more than simply talking about the thing itself."

:: Karl :: 3:35:00 PM [Link] ::

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