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:: Friday, April 04, 2003 ::

"For Those Who Serve Our Country..."

Every Liturgy we pray the following:

"For the president of our country, for all civil authorities, and for all those who serve our country throughout the world, Let us pray to the Lord."

Here is a short list of Orthodox Christians serving in the US Armed Forces from the OCA Diocese of the West. Two of these soldiers are from my home parish!

Priest Jose Velez
Orthodox Chaplain Serving in the Middle East

Nicholas Fabula
St. Andrew, Delta, CO Serving In Northern Iraq

Marcus Rossi
Joy of All Who Sorrow Mission, Culver City, CA Serving In Iraq

Conor Patrick Tweedle
St. Andrew, Delta, CO Intelligence, Washington DC Area

Casey Christopher Tweedle
St. Andrew, Delta, CO USS Constellation, Persian Gulf

Carmen Anthony Brown
St. Nicholas, Portland, OR USS Nimitz in the Middle East. Reader in the Navy

Nicholas Bunch
St. Nicholas, Portland, OR USS Vinson near the Korean Peninsula

Daniel Palmer
St. Nicholas, Portland, OR Air Force, Anchorage, AK

Matthew Barngrover
St. George, Hesperia, CA

Matthew Pettinger
St. George, Hesperia, CA

Christopher Neustrom
St. Herman, Port Townsend, WA Marine at Camp Pendleton

Alexander Lerner
St. Nicholas, San Diego Serving in Iraq

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