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:: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 ::

Fighting Words?

There is a editorial in the most recent issue of Touchstone written by Leon Podles that should fill the editor's mailboxes with a lot of mail. They've actually posted the article on the front page of the website (not in Mere Comments). Click HERE to read it in full.

Here is one of the more provacative quotes:

"A vote for a Democrat today is almost always a vote for abortion and a vote to violate the consciences of those of us who oppose abortion....[Democrats] have favored abortion at every stage and at every opportunity; they see no problem with forcing Christians to pay for abortion through taxes and compulsory insurance coverage; they will force Christian institutions to accept abortion; they will silence those who protest abortion."

Take a deep breath and then read this next quote.

"Is it a sin to vote Democratic? Usually yes, because a vote for a Democrat is a vote for a supporter of abortion or a vote that strengthens a party whose only sacred tenet is the right to unrestricted abortion."

After reading the article in full, what are your thoughts? (Also, for a good analysis of this issue with a broader perspective, check out Clifton's most recent entry).

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