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:: Friday, February 21, 2003 ::

Winning Them by Our Life

Here is a quote for us blogging apologists to think about...St. John vs. the Postmodernist!

"Let us astound the unbelievers by our way of life rather than by words. For
this is the main battle, this is the unaswerable argument, the argument from
conduct. For though we give then thousand precepts of philosophy in words,
if we do not exhibit a life better than theirs, the gain is nothing. For it
is not what is said that draws their attention, but their enquiry is, what we
do...this is what stays the unbelievers from becoming Christians. Let us win
them therefore by our life."
St. John Chrysostom Commentary on 1 Corinthians

How much can blogging do in terms of apologia? I still believe it can play a crucial part....but I must fight off the temptation to exalt it above prayer and the asectic life of the Church. Do I spend as much time in prayer and intercession as I do blogging (or thinking about blogging issues?) I don't know....with Lent coming up, it is important for me to put the purification of the soul as the primary goal (again!). Not overlooking my commitment to discussion and debate, for it plays an important role in sharpening our understanding and by giving us a chance to extended our awareness of others in the cyberspace community. Just keeping the right priorities.

I'll still be blogging this Lent, don't worry....just trying to let the discussions not consume my brain as much! (Ha! We'll see if it works....)

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