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:: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 ::

Off to War

A well liked and energetic building maintenance manager here at my office is being shipped off to the Middle East today. He is a active reservist in the Marine Core and will be working in quite possibly the most dangerous place during the war: a war-zone hospital.

If chemical or biological weapons are used against our troops, he will be on the front lines trying to save lives from the horrible effects of anthrax, smallpox and other contagious diseases.

While I support the war effort and believe the case against Suddam is more than enough to justify military action, it is always a difficult thing to say goodbye to those who you know may not be coming back to their families and homes.

Bob, I am proud of you and the work you will do for our country and our soldiers. With all the prayers of the saints, may God be with you.

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