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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

A little infantile?

This is from David Mills at Mere Comments where he relays something funny from Mark Shea's blog.

"Responding to Planned Parenthood's raising money with cards carrying the slogan "Choice on earth," Mark Shea's blog � a fruitful source for all sorts of interesting things � offers some alternative versions. Among them is a new child's hymn:

"Red and yellow, black and white/they are worthless in our sight./PP kills the little children of the world!"

and various slogans:

Depopulating the world one person at a time.

Reach out and abort someone

Betcha can't kill just one

Giving breath to the culture of death

Just enough of us, way too much of you.

Thanks for letting me live so *I* can kill *my* child, Mom!.

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