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:: Friday, December 13, 2002 ::

Law Resigns

From (now former) Cardinal Law's resignation statement:

�I am profoundly grateful to the Holy Father for having accepted my resignation,� Law said in a written statement released by the Vatican. �It is my fervent prayer that this action may help the archdiocese of Boston to experience the healing, reconciliation and unity which are so desperately needed.�
�To all those who have suffered from my shortcomings and mistakes, I both apologize and from them beg forgiveness.�

My thought is why not just say "sins" rather than the PC terms "shortcoming" and "mistakes?" Very Clintonesque and very sad. One would hope this really might begin to heal what is wrong in the Catholic Church's clergy. One is also a realist...

By the way, there is a great article in the December issue of First Things by a Byzantine Catholic monk on the role of celibacy in the life of the church. Highly recommended!

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