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:: Thursday, December 12, 2002 ::

15 minutes on an ab machine, 15 minutes with your Bible

I heard a commercial on a Christian radio station yesterday that made me chuckle.

It was an ad for a Bible reading program that helps one read through the whole Bible in "just 15 short minutes a day." It was a harmless bit of advertising for the most part, but at the end the woman announcer made this startling statement (paraphrasing):

"The 15 minute a day Bible program is perfect for those who are too busy with every day life to keep up in their spiritual walk with God."

What?? Nobody should be SO busy that they don't have 15 minutes a day to read the Scripture! How much TV do you watch? How many magazines do you read? How do you spend your lunch break? Have we sold our souls to the busy pattern of this world that we have to "squeeze God in"?

I work for an advertising agency whose soul purpose is to figure out ways of convincing people they need more and more products and services for their busy and hectic lives....There is something wrong with us Christians if the advertising world doesn't have to alter the core of their message at all, whether they are pushing an ab machine, a garden tool or a Bible...

One more random thing....Here was a rather lame attempt at a pun:

A friend was complaining to me that too many of the praise songs in Protestantism are saturated with the words "I" and "me"....

Rather blithely, I responded: There is no "I" in Orthodoxy!

Ok, I think I need some sleep.

A blessed St. Spyridon and St. Herman feast day to all!

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