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:: Monday, March 29, 2004 ::

Random Musings O' the Day

* I received, or better yet, earned a solid A in my winter term class on ancient Greek history. In the one class I'm taking Spring term (which starts today!) I'll be bringing my Latin skills into an ancient Roman history class. A few of the texts I will be diving into are:

Tacitus "Annals of Imperial Rome"
Anonymous "Lives of the Later Caesars"
Polybius "Rise of the Roman Empire"
Suetonius "Twelve Caesars"

* Classic line from the adult Church school class yesterday: "There will never be a time in heaven that you'll say to God 'Been there, done that.'"

* Many of you know I regularly update earlier posts with links and other insights. Be sure to check back with posts farther down on the page. I also keep an eye on the comments of all posts that remain on the front page.

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